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Physiology & of Vision

Discover the intricate mechanisms of human vision, from the refraction of light by the cornea and lens to the conversion of light into neural signals in the retina. Learn about the role of photoreceptor cells, such as rods and cones, in detecting light and color.

Dive into the fascinating world of color perception and the mechanisms that allow us to differentiate between a vast spectrum of colors. Explore how color influences our emotions and behaviors and the cultural significance of color across the world.

Uncover the complexities of the brain's visual processing centers, which analyze visual information, recognize patterns, and create our perception of the world. Learn how our brains construct images, depth, and motion.

Challenge your understanding of reality by exploring visual illusions. Discover how optical illusions exploit the brain's natural processing to create fascinating distortions and tricks of the eye.Consider the evolutionary history of vision, from simple light-sensitive cells in early life forms to the sophisticated eyes of modern species. Explore the advantages of various eye structures and the convergence of evolution in creating remarkable visual systems.